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carboxyl adj : relating to or containing the carboxyl group or carboxyl radical [syn: carboxylic] n : the univalent radical -COOH; present in and characteristic of organic acids [syn: carboxyl group]

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  1. A univalent functional group consisting of a carbonyl and a hydroxyl functional group (-CO.OH); characteristic of carboxylic acids.



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Carboxyl group or carboxyl group COOH or CO2H is a functional group present in amino acids and carboxylic acids. Its structure is composed of one carbon atom attached to an oxygen atom by a double bond and to a hydroxyl group by a single bond. It is often mentioned that a carboxyl group is a carbonyl group bonded to a hydroxyl group. The carboxyl group has one valence electron in its carbon atom, making it possible to be a part in a larger molecule by bonding through it. Carboxyl groups can only occur at the end of a carbon chain, because the carbon must make 3 bonds (O double bond and single bond to hydroxyl group) in addition to its connection to the R group.
Carboxyl groups will often lend their H+ into solution and therefore will act as acids. This is the case with carboxylic acids, such as is the case when acetate lends its H+ into solution to become acetic acid.

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